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Browse this site at your own risk. Content is for mature audience only. If you are not familiar with the term chan or know what a chan is please use google before continuing to browse the site. chan wear chanwear Shiping and Returns: Domestic Shipping Shipping is a variable rate within the US. The following rates are as follows: * 3 shirts = The 1st item will be charged at the regular rate. The 2nd and 3rd shirts will be $0.50 off each. * 4-6 shirts = $1.00 off each additional shirt * 7-10 shirts = $1.50 off each additional shirt * Over 10 = $2.00 off each additional shirt International shipping We do ship out of the united states. All of our rates are listed at the time of checkout Return Policy: There are no returns accepted. Please check the FAQ before placing your order with us. You will get it. Please contact us if you have any questions